Eight Tips To Grow Your Business Through Social Media

Almost everyone is convinced by the power of social media. Considering the 4.2 billion social media users, we surely can figure out how it has become a part of life. This hype has compelled many business owners to use social media to grow their businesses, and it has shown remarkable results in skyrocketing market sales.

A 2015 report by the social media marketing industry has displayed that 93% of small business owners are engaged in using Facebook, 71% percent take benefits from LinkedIn, and 79% operate Twitter.

If you are not establishing a name for yourself in the digital world this could be effecting your brand as well as costing you potential customers.

We have compiled 8 top-notch tips below to help your business grow using social media.

1. Make a strategy.

Start with making a plan. This will bring you towards the right direction without wandering around thus wasting your time & money. Without a strategy, you have no clear goals to achieve. A good plan will deliver excellent results with effort and consistency.

  • Make a goal.

Set up an achievable, relevant goal and the time to reach the goal. You should focus on objectives that influence your business positively. For example, by boosting brand recognition your brand becomes seen, known and trusted thus begins to develop authority as a company in your niche.

  • Get to know your competition.

It is always wise to see what your competition struggles with. Research your competition to know what they are up to, learn what worked best for them and improvise accordingly. One of the best ways to research your competition is by seeing their digital presence. You may add groups on Facebook or subreddits to connect with a large group of people that are also in your industry. Spend the time to look at their website and their social media presence. How are their clients online reviews? How do they interact with their clients? Are you proud of your branding strategy or intimidated by your competition after seeing a competitor’s online presence?

  • Create a social media calendar.

Social media calendar is the ideal way to ensure that you give the right amount of time to the right content on the right social media platforms. You can write a 31 day plan or download one from us. When making a social media calendar think of different post ideas for each day of the month. Stick to this plan and sync all of your platforms to post daily.

2. Get to know your audience.

You can micro-target your audiences when using social media to grow your business. Understanding your audience is important. You must learn the best way to interact with the target audience effectively. Investigate what issues consumers in your industry are facing, figure out how to solve them. Next, express to your client your strategy that you’ve made to help alleviate the client’s issues.

3. Use different social media platforms.

Your target audience might have different preferences when it comes to social media platforms. As there are many factors to someone’s preference different age groups and industry types choose to use different platforms. To cover all your audience, you should be active on different platforms. It will help you reach your audience on their preferred platforms effectively. You can opt for automated tools to share the workload and save time. When building a website I choose to use to opt for user friendly platforms to ensure we have the option to integrate things. The easier you can make your life by monetizing your posts across all platforms the more time you’ll be able to put into other aspects of business. Your business thrives off content. Ensure you are providing your clients with as much content as possible.

4. Interact with a target audience.

Social media is the ideal source to interact with your customers. If done right, you can build a relationship of trust and loyalty.

The survey of social media examiner’s indicated that 79% of business owners have agreed that social media can effectively develop loyal customers.

Ensure that you are using your pages to engage with your customers. Teach them things, ask them about their weekend plans and host small giveaways to keep your audience interested.

5. Increase brand visibility.

Posting relevant videos and pictures on social media platforms will boost engagement and thus brand visibility. Moreover, adding your company logo to make the audience familiar with your brand is very important. You want this logo on every piece of material you have. It will give a sense of familiarity every time you post your content which in return builds trust with prospective clients.

6. Enhance the ranking of search engine (SEO)

Many customers will go to your social media pages to get familiar with the brand before purchasing. As more people visit your social media profiles, the social media share rate increases. It will cause a boost in the domain authority of your website, and eventually, your website pages can get top-ranked on search engines. Their are other things that may be done in order to boost your SEO ratings. The more content you get across the web, the stronger your brand will become.

7. Build Topical Authority.

What is topical authority? Topical authority is a perceived authority over a niche or broad idea. You can build your brand as a topical authority through social media. You can achieve it by posting relevant content of your niche consistently. The consistent investment of quality content and time will lead to search engines and potential clients recognizing your brand as a topical authority. The search engine will take your brand as a trusted data source and recognize your brand as the go-to authority.

8. Follow the trend.

The best way to interact with your target audience is by following the trend. In this way, you are conversing with your customers that are spiking their interest at that current time. You can post content relevant to trends to attract audience attention. It’s your goal to attract attention. You must provide the world with content that is going to make a lasting impression on them. Create content they’re going to be talking about and showing their friends later.

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