5 Reasons To Consider Google Ads For Your Business

5 Reasons To Consider Google Ads For Your Business

Sometimes cost-free marketing efforts may not bring the exact results you expected. Therefore, you need to spend, or fair to say ‘invest’, a few more dollars on your marketing efforts. Over the years, Google Ads become top preference for giants as well as SMEs due to its added flexibility and accuracy. With the expansion of Google, it now becomes easier for businesses to reach their potential customers globally. For sure, it is the reason why business holders are more confident in their spending.

Below are 5 reasons why you should consider Google Ads for your business.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly called Google AdWords, is basically a digital advertisement program owned or developed by Google. It is the most popular pay-per-click advertising (PPC) platform in the world. This Ad system is widely used for service offerings, product listings, and visual content.

How do Google Ads work?

You choose specific keywords relating to your product or services that prospective customers often use in search engines, and you bid on them based on per click.

When a customer searches for any of those keywords, your ads will appear above the SERP in positions 1-4 (it includes the ‘ad’ symbol on the left of the ad text). Thus, you have increased chances to attract new customers for sales.

Other than the SERP, these ads may also appear on other Google networks such as Google Play, Google Maps, Google images, and even on the Google shopping tab itself. When a user clicks on the ads, you pay for the amount you bid on the keyword (it varies depending on the niche or competition). The beauty about these Ads is— you pay only when a user clicks on the ads.

1) Global Reach

Imagine a day without Google? Not at all. Google is a boon when it comes to solving any questions or queries in your day-to-day life. You ‘type’ your queries and results appear in 0.01 seconds. This shows how effective Google Ads can be for increasing reach of your business in the advertising world. As a report says, Google receives over 5 billion searches per day on a global basis. It shows how advertising on Google Ads can be a reward for your business as you can answer those queries. Those users eventually landed up on your website for more answers and now your magic happens to make the conversion.

2) Fast Results

Unlike SEO, Google Ads is fully swift to drive results. Although search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective marketing strategy, it takes a long time to achieve maximum results as the process involves building websites’ authority and backlinks— too complex. Whereas setting up ads through Google Ads is easier as the process turns out within a few days— just keyword research, copywriting for the ads, and done.

3) Stand apart from competitors

As told before, Google Ads is way more effective than SEO for its efficiency in speed and accuracy. It shows that setting up Ads sets you apart from your competitors as your business appears on the first page even if you have a lack of maximum digital presence. It allows you to expand quicker and stand ahead of the competitive edge. If your competitors are using Google Ads, it is your only reason to consider Ads as well— to stay ahead of the race.

4) Full control over your campaign

The popularity of Ads lies in its user-friendliness and flexibility. You have full control over your campaigns from budgeting to attaining the target. Google Ads can be adjusted as per your budget. Through Google Ads, you can adjust your highest-per-click so that you don’t have to compete against giants. Usually, SMEs get the most out of it. They just use them at their convenience.

5) Truly comprehensive and easier to track.

Tracking is crucial for any business to measure what’s working and what’s not. Google Ads has made it easier— you can track everything including clicks, impressions, conversions, phone calls, and so on. The best advice for tracking all of them is to go with Google Analytics so that you are always in your customer’s shoes. Eventually, your current campaign hits 100% score from a score of 80%.

Bottom line

Google Ads is a tried-and-tested marketing strategy and often carries expected results if implemented well. The most advisable way to get the best results is by applying SEO and Google Ads together in its place. Whereas to stay apart from your competitors, Google Ads is another effective method to make your impression among potential customers. Learning to set up Google Ads is pretty easy. You can learn it from the tutorials offered by it. For maximum results, you can also hire Google Ads experts to make your dollars’ worth it.

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