Posting Facebook Ads Increase Sales!

Posting Facebook Ads Increase Sales!

Posting ads on Facebook is quite common among businesses these days— irrespective of their size. The reason why is simple— the maximum number of targeted customers are browsing Facebook daily. Let’s dive into all the reasons how posting ads on Facebook can increase sales…

A report shows an average American spends about 40 minutes browsing Facebook every day. Posting ads on Facebook is an effective way to introduce your product or services to its targeted customers, and create brand awareness. Inevitably, it boosts sales more than ever. However, to reach your targeted customers or make conversions, you need to invest in the right tools or strategies. Let’s figure out how posting ads is essential for you to drive sales.


Why posting ads on Facebook is crucial for you and can increase your sales, quickly?

Facebook is the biggest social media network out there. For businesses, it seems to be one of the great
social media networks to promote their product or services. For them, With higher returns, Facebook ads are quite cost-effective rather than traditional advertising ( e.g print ads, billboards, television ads). For any business that thrives to build brand awareness, Facebook is a perfect social media platform. It
also keeps businesses on the edge of competition.

Wide super-active user base allows sale increase by ad posts

Just because Facebook has a super-wide user base, you ought not to undervalue the power of posting ads on Facebook. Your prospects are using it for various reasons. It is your golden opportunity to help them what they are looking for or make them aware of your product or services. Facebook lacks a pool of advertisers though it has a wider user base— now’s your turn to make the maximum profit.

Connect to mobile users

It is reported that 2.41 billion people log into Facebook every month. Not only that, it has 1.3 billion daily mobile users. You can imagine the potential how posting ads on Facebook can help your business to the next level. Marketers know how connecting mobile users can do great for businesses with the increased number of mobile users. Facebook advertisement is an advanced program that allows you to precisely reach the right segment of the audience— which are mostly mobile users. More advertisers are rushing towards it. Day by day, it is getting advanced and robust— no time to wait.

Organic reach have decreased

Over time, it shows that organic reach has decreased on Facebook even if you’re consistent in posting. Reports shows that a regular post may reach less than 0.5% of the fanbase. However, with the increased number of pages, it becomes hard to be on the cutting edge of the competition. The right step is posting
ads on Facebook. It will not only increase reach but also help to build relationships with your targeted customers.

Precise targeting

Facebook advertising has the ability to cater to super-targeted users who can be turned into potential buyers. Facebook advertisement program allows you to target ads by demographics including location, gender, interest, behavior, age, etc. Each option allows you to cater to the right prospect and help the sales. Ultimately, you’ll get enough traffic to your website and get sales.

It is safe to say, with measured approaches, Facebook ads can do wonders for your business. The best advice— keep your patience with practical strategies while posting ads on Facebook. Your primary goal must be to drive consistent sales rather than anticipating one-hit-wonder. If you’re looking for help running your Facebook Ads Campaign please reach out to Shutter Up Creative Designs for a free consultation!

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