SEO VS PPC: What Should You Use In 2022?

When you’re thinking of making your move towards the digital landscape to market your product or services, you’re most likely stuck between choosing SEO and PPC.

SEO VS PPC: Pros and Cons

SEO and PPC are two of the most common elements of digital marketing.

PPC allows us to show or display our ads above the organic search or in the sponsored results section and we get changed for each click.

On the other hand, SEO is a process of getting traffic from the free resources on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of SEO and PPC

Pros of SEO

● Free of cost if using a specialist is not within your budget. SEO is free if you possess the required knowledge and are ready to prepare content all by yourself. No doubt, you will spend a lot of time. Involves continuous learning Learning SEO is overwhelming and takes time. If you thrive on immediate results, you must be a quick learner. With tons of plugins available out there, the process of search engine optimization is getting much more effortless. Maximum result SEO allows you to maximize ROI for local businesses as the competition is too low. You tend to increase the click-through rate by 15% considering the specific keywords you are targeted for. In contrast, paid search PPC can increase around 2-3% ROI.

● Long term result Organic SEO is effective for long-term results especially if you update or improve the content on time. You are most likely able to double backlinks and increase your possibility of ranking higher on search engines.

● Boost brand awareness Users tend to be informed about the specific product or services they are going to buy. With informational content that corresponds to your products’ details, you are expected to increase brand awareness among the users. Improved control over the content Unlike paid PPC, organic SEO has more control over the contents. With organic SEO, you have the freedom to publish everything which hardly takes place with PPC.

Cons of SEO

● Longer to work. Organic SEO usually takes 6-12 months to produce solid results. It means the sooner you learn the skill, the faster you expect solid results. Organic SEO is tricky.. Learning organic SEO is burdensome as search engines are evolving with complex algorithms day after day. The job is utterly challenging as you have to learn multiple skills ranging from keyword research to technical SEO.

● Hard to manage. Organic SEO is hard to manage if you are a one-man army. As said before, the job involves a maximum number of tasks, varying from updating content to managing the technical side. As a one-man army, you’ll more likely surrender yourself to the struggles— unless you go for paid SEO to compete with industry giants.

● Lower guarantee. Each search engine’s algorithm is consistently developing and elusive day by day. The one search engine strategy that carried maximum results once may not produce the same by now. Hard to A/B test Organic SEO is simply based on A/B tests and has minimum control over your content. Sometimes you might think to tweak your older posts for better ranking, but you may witness a decrease in ranking.

Pros of PPC

It is not exaggerated to say that PPC campaigns are greatly effective for visual product ads. This helps to cater to users’ attention and improve the click-through rate.

● Quick result. With an effective PPC campaign, you can anticipate short-term results, though it depends on various factors such as the effectiveness of the landing page, quality of copy, and user experience.

● Easier to master. Unlike organic SEO, PPC requires less time to master. But you have to spend a lot of money. Though there are certain limitations for paid campaigns, you are allowed to devise some tried-and-tested tweaks.

●Easier scaling. Through PPC campaigns, you can scale up your business in a short span— just pay according to your budget. The easier ways to cater to maximum ROI are— targeting more keywords and effectively adjusting your daily budget. Increased assurance You can set up your paid campaign without worrying about the uncertainties of search engines. Just set up an ad and keep patience to get approved. If it is rejected, you can set it up again with the suggested changes.

● More buyer oriented. When your campaigns are solely optimized for targeted keywords, you are confident that those clicks are coming from the prospective buyers. Yet, it can contribute to the conversion. Easy for A/B test A/B testing is quite effortless with PPC advertising. Just set up two ads and wait for the one that can increase CTR. Just repeat the process.

Cons of PPC

● Require continuous investment: PPC campaigns can’t get clicks or conversions when you stop putting money on running ads.

● People have thinner trust in PPC campaigns: Often users don’t click on ads simply because they don’t trust them.

● Less ROI if you’re not an expert: Without an effective PPC campaign, you tend to make less money than you spend.

Which is better for you?

SEO or PPC Both have their rewards as well as downfalls. It vastly depends on specific business goals, planning, and other marketing strategies. It is fair to say, PPC is a good choice if someone’s driving to get more instant clicks, conversions, and targeted marketing.

Whereas organic SEO is good for those who want to build brand credibility, exposure, and significant scalability within a budget. However, the best results occurred by incorporating the two for the same goal:

● SEO ensures long-term marketing goals.
● PPC ensures short-term marketing goals.

Bottom line Organic SEO and PPC are both KEY ingredients of search engine marketing. In both ways, you can market your product or services whereas one is free and the other one is paid. However, both can be cost-effective if executed well.

To achieve the same goal, it is recommended to allow SEO and PPC expert teams manage your marketing.

Depending on your business goal and growth planning, we aim to provide both SEO and PPC management services to our clientele. Our packages are tailor-made for both multi-dollar businesses and SMEs.

Over the years, we have curated the perfect formula for success and winning PPC campaigns.

We offer industry-standard SEO &PPC services that are based on up-to-date, result-driven white hat strategies. We handle hands-on everything that comes into SEO & PPC— from content and PPC ad management to technical SEO.

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