Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips For Businesses

Instagram is the ultimate social media network for most businesses these days. A large number of daily users makes it perfect for building brand awareness and generating leads and sales. People are always looking for Instagram marketing tips to up scale their businesses. Of course, there are different ways to achieve it.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing is a process that allows your business to grow with different marketing techniques. It can be performed in different ways such as:


  1. Posting engaging content regularly
  2. Running contests or giveaways
  3. Promoting your products or services
  4. Collaborating with influencers
  5. Sharing BTS content


1.    Experiment with different content types

It is always hard to stay on top of the content game. The best way to deal with it is to keep yourself updated with the latest trend and continuously best serve your audience’s interest. Don’t just settle with a single content type. Quite often, keep experimenting with different content types to see what works best for your business. To emphasize, keep posting every day.


Remember: Post high-quality visuals that easily grab the attention of the audience and keep show-off your product or services in the best light.


2.    Using hashtags to expand reach

Using hashtags is the easiest way to expand your reach. Maybe you’re currently using them randomly at the end of each post. The truth is— you must conduct careful hashtags research before putting them on posts. Avoid dead hashtags for good. However, you must incorporate signature or branding hashtags to promote your brand to targeted audiences. You can’t anticipate overnight success in this effort— you need to be consistent.


3.    Use free and paid tools

You can’t imagine how much different toolkits can aid businesses to scale up— from content creation to measuring performance. At the early stage, you may depend on the free tools. Over time, you need to invest in paid tools to streamline your creative process and posting routine. Of course, there are tons of photo and video designing tools available to ease up your content creation process. If you are unable to afford a online designer than look into platforms with templates such as Canva. This can be really helpful when just starting!

4.    Measure your metrics

For long-term success, you ever need to keep track of your Instagram page’s performance. Do not get panicked by the ever-changing numbers but keep your focus on the graph. Make noise when the curve keeps rising and track what is working and not working to ensure you keep moving forward.


5.    Collaborate for better reach

Collaboration, another viable strategy, is getting effortless with Instagram these days. You need to find an influencer with an established following that best represents your brand. He or she may hold their own audience base, which you can use to leverage your brand. So often you can potentially convert them. Negotiation is key to satisfying both ends. When done correctly, it can cater to a large audience and boost brand awareness among prospects. This will also help with SEO if you are targeting popular influencers.


Instagram marketing tips are evolving gradually— what worked earlier may be outdated by now. You have to observe the current trend and make it in your favor. Remember— best results come when you keep experimenting with different marketing techniques. Before considering Instagram for your business, make sure whether it serves specific business goals. If you are looking for a social media manager to take control of your page and create engaging content check out Shutter Up Creative Designs today! We will work with every budget!

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