understanding the top features for e commerce site

Let’s Understand The Top Features For Your eCommerce Website

By drawing some ideas from leading e-commerce companies, you can easily create an online shopping experience that will impress your customers. With the world going digital, eCommerce Websites are among the top leading websites for purchasing almost anything on the internet. We can now buy anything digitally, whether it’s clothes or home furnishings. Also, as technology advances and new methodologies emerge, ordinary people will be able to order groceries.


As the owner of an e-commerce business, it is critical to attract as many customers as possible by making your website more interactive and user-friendly. It’s very important to design it in such a way that the user will come back and feel convenient about making a purchase.


There are many more factors at work in an eCommerce website’s success besides the quality of its products. The marketing strategy and design of the eCommerce website are two of the most crucial factors.


  • User-friendly design: It is critical that the website you are creating is simple to understand and use for all users. You must ensure that the website is designed in multiple local languages and is also mobile-friendly. To enhance your conversion rate and maintain pleased consumers, make sure your website design is automatically adjusted for the size and shape of phones, computers, and tablets.


  • Reviews and Comparison: It’s very critical to get reviews of the customers who have purchased your product. When buying online, your reviews are one of your most important ways to show your credibility. It is easier to choose from many other online options when you haven’t developed a trustworthy online footprint. Be sure to provide a comparative but somehow better option for the consumer to use your company for their purchase. The customer should evaluate every aspect of the goods, including their color, size, design, and other aspects in their reviews. (Adding some sort of incentive for an honest review typically does the trick!) Since influencer marketing is becoming so popular, it would be great to have a known influencer do a product comparison of your product v.s theirs! 


  • Product Description: While describing your product, you must elaborate on it and give an exact description on your website. Additionally, this allows a possible new consumer to learn more about your website and product rapidly. Along with the description, provide customers with an FAQ and ensure you have a dedicated team to respond to them as soon as possible with genuine responses. * Remember, COPY is everything when your business lives online…


  • Wishlist: A buyer could occasionally show interest in a product, but decide to purchase it later. Alternatively, a consumer can find a product intriguing and want to check it out later for more information. They can save a list of these products on their wishlist, making it simple for them to locate them the next time they visit your website. Including a wishlist is very helpful. This also gives you e-mail contact information. This will give you the opportunity to send them offers, discounts, promotions for buying incentives.


  • Social Media Handles: In a world full of social media, make sure to have a separate and active social media handle for your eCommerce website. This is where the younger generation is more active and is the best place to get an update on any upcoming offers and deals on your website. Also, this can be a great way to spread it to more users. Customers can stay in touch with your brand by following the links to your social media pages at the bottom of the page. Offering incentive to use your social handle and post photos of your products also assists you in building up your online reputation.

These are some of the “MUST HAVE” features you should have for your eCommerce Website. Grabbing the attention of new customers must be your #1 goal.

In an e-commerce backend platform, elements of SEO such as URL modification, title tag management, meta description management, etc. are also crucial in order to gain traffic.


If you find these elements to be too technical, contact a web design company for assistance. Discuss your needs with them and explain your requirements. Have patience and take things slowly.

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