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We value every cent of the money you spend on PPC campaigns. We’d love to give you a quote! “Pay-per-click management (PPC management) is the process of organizing and running a company’s PPC strategy and managing advertising spend to maximize ROI. PPC management is fundamental for every business because, with effective digital campaigns, your business can make result-driven strategy and data-driven decisions that lead to increased PPC performance and a huge return on investment.

Employing PPC management agency can help your business in many ways:

● We are well-equipped with pay-per-click marketing and possess in-depth knowledge of conducting successful campaigns.

● Business owners like you don’t have to spend time monitoring current campaigns when PPC managers take care of your campaigns. It ensures you spend time productively.

● You are way ahead of your competitors because your current campaigns are optimized for higher conversions or sales.

What will you get through PPC management? Your current pay-per-click marketing campaigns are most likely not driving sufficient results.

What you’re now seeking is a team of professionals specialized in PPC management, who is responsible for planning and management of paid user acquisition. You’re looking to boost engagement, discover your website on top of the search engines and get more customers to buy your product or services. When your ad shows before your competitors, you have an increased chance of making the first conversion as many people start at the top of the list.

Cost-effective – Get more clicks on your website with less spending on advertising because with proper bids and tested strategies you have a high possibility to earn much more than your expense.

This helps marketing specialists to run ads effectively— with the right keyword placement and budgeting procedures. Whereas they can also track or monitor the number of sales made by that PPC campaign so you’re able to track in real time.

Improved SEO – another crucial factor in making everything work. SEO is tricky and often compared to a game like shooting in the dark, but it is surmised that with effective PPC management, you can complement your company’s search engine optimization.

Better Ad Ranking – Rank higher than your competitors with precise keyword placement to score 100% ad relevancy. Every time users search those specific keywords, your ad will show above your competitors.

Reduced CPA – We will gradually help you reduce cost per acquisition and lead to increased ROI and conversion rate.

Competitive Analysis Conduct – Thorough research on competitors’ tactics or strategies to grasp the gaps, which ensures the right bidding on the specific queries.

Why choose our PPC management services:

With a driven passion for pay-per-click marketing, our PPC managers keep them updated with the latest industry trends and developments. Our PPC specialist takes pride in tried-and-tested, thoroughly analyzed paid campaigns.

● We are enthusiastic about your brand same as you do and committed to offering our best PPC management services for your product or services.

● Rely on data and analytical approach.

● Strong organizational skills.

● Skilled in several keyword research tools, our PPC specialists are creative in keyword choices— keywords that your potential customers actually search for. We test keywords rigorously.

However, we are open to changes if there are no actionable results.

● Our team of skilled copywriters and graphics designers is ever ready to grab visitors’ eyes through appealing copies and creative visuals that guarantee increased clicks and conversions.

Our PPC management services:

Campaign management setup

We specialized in setting up and managing paid ad campaigns across different channels.

Native advertising

Native advertising is way more profitable and our team knows how to get the best from it.

Search ads

Search ads drastically boost engagement and sales. We take pride in running search ads that are instructed for your targeted customers.

Local service ads

Local service ads are perfect for local customers to deliver the product or services they are looking for.

Social Media Advertising

Run ads on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter with our tried-and tested social media strategies that are performed according to your needs.

Shutter Up Creative Designs, aim to provide affordable PPC management services to its clientele. Our packages are tailor-made for both multi-dollar businesses and SMEs. Over the years, we have curated the perfect formula for success and winning PPC campaigns.

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