5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Website

A website is a portal to the psyche of an individual or the organization, that owns it. It must advertise the ethos and the culture to attract the audience. In a world of rapidly transforming technology and consumers behavior, the website must remain a constant product of relevance and influence. To achieve that, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. In this article, we will discuss the 5 basic parameters that need to be considered whilst designing your website.

  • The Domain and the Host

Important items which must be decided first thing are the domain and the host. An attractive domain name is an instant winner. It must elicit interest, like Google. It is also helpful if your domain pertains to your industry. Next comes the Host. A good hosting partner is a must since they ensure that the website is available almost always. Do consider the price too since due to intense competition, it is quite possible to strike a great deal. It is wonderful to choose a hosting company that also offers security measures. This is important to those using programs like WordPress.

  • The Backend

The backend of the website is the engine that runs the show. A faulty backend can play truant with the entire user experience. A clean database structure also helps in fetching data more comfortably. It is akin to having a shiny sports car without a powerful engine. The “wow” factor is easily lost. It is best to hire a company that offers yearly maintenance services.

  • The Design

It is said that love happens at first site and in the world of websites, it does. A good-looking website is already a winner. It is mandatory for website owners to offer websites that are appealing and easy to use. If they fail on this front, then the website is doomed from the beginning. No one wants to enter an ugly-looking house. Same for a website, no matter how great the content is. The look and feel of a portal energize the mind and encourage the soul to discover more. A good design also helps in making the website more functional and easier to use.

  • The Purpose

Why are we building the website? What is the purpose behind spending the amount that we eventually will? These are questions that one must ask oneself before embarking on the journey. These are pertinent questions since a lot depends on the answers. The entire approach one will take while ideating the design structure and the functionality of the website is dependent on the reason for needing the website. It is to be remembered that websites are need-based products. Either there is a need or one that needs to be created. For both cases, one would require those questions and a website.

  • Content

Finally, the heart of the website lies in its content. Both the design and the content of the website are mutually inclusive, that is they rely on each other to make the venture a success. A poorly written website will become a dud after a few visits, no matter how great the functionalities are.

GoDaddy V.S.Wordpress?

GoDaddy Website Builder is a very user friendly platform for those that are looking to host a webpage that they are able to manage easily. One downfall of GoDaddy website builder is the limitations. Since this platform is geared towards those that are unable to do their own technical web-design they set many limitations. This can create issues with design, lowers you ability to integrate different programs to your site and most importantly does not allow you to have full control over your SEO options. SEO is very limited with GoDaddy Builder. This can harshly interfere with the organic growth of your business as you grow.


WordPress is not made for those that would like to maintain their own website. WordPress often requires coding, outsource hosting, plugin installations and more. WordPress is used for companies that will be focusing on upscaling and growth over the years. The SEO options are immense. WordPress sites are often more expensive due to all the moving parts of keeping the site going. It is important to maintain and ensure your WordPress site is backed up and has good security options in place. WordPress is often much more money than GoDaddy website builder since there is coding involved.


Final Words

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