Top SEO Tools You Must Know About

The best SEO tools simplify the processes of managing and monitoring search engine rankings and optimizing a site’s performance. However, finding your way around search engine optimization takes practice, especially for beginners.

We’ve made it easy to find the best SEO tools by collecting them all in one place.

– Google Search Console

how to use google search console


Begin your SEO journey by using Google Search Console (GSC). Even if you’re not an SEO expert, Google’s Search Console (previously Webmaster Central) and the plethora of user-friendly tools it conceals should be your first port of call, regardless of the size of your site or blog. GSC tells you how well your site performs, if any issues need to be addressed (such as spam links) if your site is Google-friendly, and how frequently Google indexes it.


– Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner

Knowing which keywords to use when preparing your website for launch is critical. The FREE Google keyword planner is as simple as it gets. Simply enter words that match your website. You can also apply filters such as relevance, competition, bid, etc., making it extremely customizable and user-friendly. This is also very helpful when it comes to ensuring you’ve chosen the best keywords for blog posts and off page SEO.

– Ahrefs




When compared to Google, Ahrefs is the second-largest website crawler. The Ahrefs Site Audit feature is the most popular among SEO professionals because it is the most comprehensive SEO analysis tool available. You can use the tool to see which aspects of your site need to improve your search engine rankings. You can use Ahrefs to research the backlink profiles of similar businesses and model your link-building strategy after theirs to get a leg up on the competition. This SEO software can be used to identify and repair broken links. Moreover, it provides an overview of your site’s most successful pages, in addition to locating the articles in your niche that receive the most inbound links (so you can see what information is drawing in the visitors). They also have a FREE keyword generator!


– SEMrush

SEM Rush

SEMrush offers a wide range of SEO tools. You’ll have access to a summary of all the domains for which you’re responsible and granular keyword performance reports. Most importantly, the SEO toolkit allows you to compare the effectiveness of different pages to determine their relative standing. Analyzing your competitors’ traffic analytics data, particularly their top referring sites, can teach you much about where their website visitors come from. Analyze average session duration and bounce rate metrics to see how your site compares to the competition. “Traffic Sources Comparison” also provides a consolidated view of competitors’ digital marketing strategies. For those unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) jargon, bounce rates refer to the percentage of site visitors who leave without clicking on any links.



–  KWFinder


KWFinder helps you to find long-tail keywords with low competition. Professionals use this SEO software to research relevant keywords and generate detailed reports on backlinks and SERP placement (Search Engine Results Page). Using the Rank Tracker tool, you can quickly determine your ranking and track your progress based on a single metric, resulting in a successful SEO campaign.


– Moz Pro


Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO tool that can do everything from providing keyword suggestions to a full site crawl. You can not only learn how your website is performing, but you can also use that information to make sound decisions about how to improve it. You can also install the free MozBar toolbar to view your site’s statistics while browsing any website you visit.

Final Words

Before making a final decision on an SEO tool, you should assess your SEO requirements, such as your company size, budget, etc. If you’re just getting started, choose a simple tool that has comprehensive tutorials and is simple to use. However, if you are an experienced digital marketer, a more sophisticated tool will benefit you more. Many business owners will opt-out of doing this SEO research themselves and hire an experienced company such as Shutter Up Creative Designs as many don’t have time to learn and do all the SEO leg work! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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