How to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile Effectively.

Google My Business is a very useful tool for all business owners. It allows local business holders to shift their business to the digital horizon to meet local consumers.

Unfortunately, many business owners keep underestimating this resourceful feature or have failed to attract adequate local consumers.

This guide will help you, even if you are new, to optimize your Google My Business for increased customer engagements.

  • Fill out your product or services section.

The best optimization of a local business is seen when Google shows your products in the product section in a carousel format. This process is necessary just for increasing visibility, sales, or conversions. Arrange your products or services with keen details, especially for feature products. You can add GIFs for better engagement

  • Consistent posting.

Posting through your Google My Business profile is kind of a mini-blog that shows the latest information or update about your business. Posting regularly mainly helps you in ranking and engagement. Not only that, it shows your business as an authorized entity and set aside from the competitors. When you convey your product or services with the targeted keywords, you are more likely to get ranked on those specific keywords. With consistent posting, you increase the rate of engagement and Google takes your business more seriously than before.

  • Optimize Q&A of your profile.

Recently, Google has launched its Q&A feature for GMB profiles. Use it to retain customers more than before. Q&A acts as customer support if you put the right questions and answers according to customers’ data. By using it, you can build an image for your brand. Ensure you have consistent & accurate information. The basic step is to put your name, phone, and address correctly. It is not as simple as it sounds because these elements change consistently— mostly phone numbers. Make sure the above elements stay ever consistent and accurate and accurate.

  • Add category/subcategory carefully.

Choose categories and subcategories carefully for better user experience and ranking. However, this process is critical for outranking the competition. Maximum local businesses keep categories and subcategories the same, which is rather commendable. As an example, if you have a supermarket that offers a pharmacy— the category should be ‘supermarket’ and ‘pharmacy’ as your subcategory.

5 Tried-And-Tested Ways to Get More Customers by Using Google My Business

1. Add exact location

Before setting up your Google My Business profile, make sure your profile is already generated through third-party associates such as online customer reviews. Follow each and every process requested by Google for a strong GMB profile. Moreover, don’t forget to add an exact location to help potential customers to find your physical location easily.

2. Super-engaging descriptions.

Don’t forget to add engaging descriptions which must incorporate targeted keywords for potential customers (e.g pet store, grocery shop, etc) to rank higher on Google. Yet, take the extra mile to add eye-catching images such as your products, your staff, and so forth. Add required information such as a physical address, phone number, and hours of operation to allow potential customers to make purchases.

3. Requesting customers feedback

Genuine customer reviews are your real asset for attracting new customers. Encourage your happy customers to offer their valuable feedback. In exchange, you can provide incentives such as discounts or extra-added services.

4. Use Google Analytics

Use Google analytics in your favor. Google analytics endlessly shows data (e.g locations of current customers, the performance of each post, time of purchase, etc) to aid you in sharpening your current marketing strategies.

5. Consistent monitoring and updating.

It is advised to review your listing regularly as anyone can make changes to your profile. Sometimes customers may throw negative feedback, so keep an eye on it to prevent following rumors or fake information.

Final words Google My Business is an integral part of local SEO and you should get it right always. Optimizing your Google My Business is not rocket science but you MUST become consistent at managing your Google My Business profile. Are you looking to increase your visibility and authority in the local market? Follow these steps or hire Shutter Up Creative Designs to take care of it for you!

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